J. Allen has a background in car and product design, and in 2003, began designing a Chassis that would be ergonomic, beautiful, high quality, and improve accuracy, without requiring glass bedding like was needed with most traditional stocks. He started with innovating a product that he would want to own and customers would love, and it took 2 ½ years of perfecting before launching the JAE-100 M14 Chassis (2005). Once released, Jeff made continuous improvements as customers provided feedback, and Gen 2 and then Gen 3 versions were released. In 2012, 4 years after starting R & D on the Bolt Action Chassis, the JAE-700 Remington 700 Chassis launched. For 16 years, J. Allen, his wife Lisa, and the JAE Team, poured their heart and soul into R & D, and the manufacturing of each product that went out the door. When customers opened up the box, they could see the value and care that went into making their product. In 2019, J. Allen Enterprises sadly had to close their doors. MDT purchased the Chassis Designs and will continue on with the high quality J. Allen products were originally known for.

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