GRS Bolthorn

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The GRS Bolthorn is ultimate tool for long range shooting. – A cool crisp day at the range. No wind. Clinical target shooting. 1000 meter cold bore shot.

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GRS Bolthorn tukki on valmistettu T6 6082 alumiinista ja kahva komposiitista jonka etäisyys liipaisimeen on säädettävissä. Kuuden asteen kahvakulman ansiosta käsi on luonnollisesti kaikissa otteissa. SpeedLock 2.0 ansiosta tukissa on säädettävä vetopituus, poskipakka, sekä perä. Tukki on yhteensopiva AICS lippaiden kanssa joka toimitetaan tukin mukana. Lisävarusteena saatava taittoperä-adapteri helpottaa aseen kuljettamista ja säilyttämistä.

  • Valmistettu 6082 T6 alumiinista
  • Sarana valmistettu 304 teräksestä (lisävaruste)
  • Paino: 1,8-2,0kg mallista riippuen
  • Vetopituus 35,5 -38,3 cm
  • Säädettävä perälevy 5* askelmin
  • Ei vaadi petausta
  • SpeedLock 2.0 säädöt
  • Useita hihnakiinnikkeitä
  • Suositeltu kiristys momentti 5 nm

GRS Bolthorn is made of highest quality T6 6082 aluminum. The grip is made of composite and the distance to the trigger can be adjusted. The grip also has an angle of six percent, so your hand is in its natural, steady position. The SpeedLock 2.0 system makes it easy to adjust the length of pull, cheek piece and height of the recoil pad, all with a touch of a button.

We want you to develop as a shooter. We´ve thought carefully about all the details. The stock is specially designed to minimize recoil. The return line created by recoil is as close to the core line as possible – meaning minimal movement after the shot is fired. GRS Bolthorn comes fully equipped with all rails, sling mounts and an AICS-compatible magazine as well. 
With GRS Bolthorn, you´re in the ideal shooting position. Many years of military long-range shooting experience lies behind the development of this stock.

  • Body made in hard anodized 6082 T6 aluminum.
  • Hinge is made in 304 stainless steel (extra option)
  • Composite grip and side panels.
  • 0.5″ limbsaver/GRS recoil pad.
  • SpeedLock adjustment system.
  • LOP 35.5-38.3 cm.
  • Total length 78 cm
  • Fore end width 56 mm
  • 28 mm adjustment LOP and cheekpiece.
  • Height Adjustable recoilpad included.
  • Fluch cup slingmounts on all 4 piccatinny rails in front and both sides of the rear stock.
  • Piccatinny rail on rear stock.
  • Flush cup sling mounts included.
  • Total length 79 cm
  • Weighs 1850-2000 grams depending on model
  • SSG 3000 model is made to fit original magazines
  • The T3 SA stock comes with one 10 round Polymer magazine in eighter 308 (also fits 243, 260 and 22-250) or 223 (also fits 222). The magazine well also fits for the standard 3.050″ (78mm) 5 and 10 shot AI magazines
  • The T3 LA comes wiht one 5 round single stack metal magazine in either 300Winchester magnum (also fits 7mm rem mag) and 30.06 Springfield (also fits 6.5×55 Swedish Mauser)
  • Tourque recommendations: Rear screw 5nm Front screw 5nm