Minox ZP5 5-25×56 + Spuhr SP-4001

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Special offer: Minox ZP5 5-25×56 + Spuhr SP-4001 combo!

The ZP5 5–25×56 is the long range riflescope for every situation where excellent detail recognition at extreme shooting ranges is required, while providing the best possible field of view at 5x magnification

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Product Features
  •  5x zoom ratio with large field of view
  •  Sophisticated tactical reticles in the first focal plane with finely dimmable illumination
  • 28 mrad double turn elevation with zero stop and visible indicator for the second revolution
  • Parallax adjustment from 50 m to infinity within 180° of rotation
  • Available reticles:  MR5

MR5 ZP5 5-25×56

Reticle / Subtensions



  • For flexibel tactical operations without compromise
  • Optimal usability throughout the entire magnification range and operational distances
  • Medium thickness of marks within the crosshair to ensure easy target acquisition in difficult situations, at the same time providing a precise center with tapered bars for maximum target visibility
  • Extended crosshair illumination to maintain full usability of the reticle in low light situations
  • AQRAS and Mrad scales for fast and precise distance determination
  • Important subtensions are carefully matched to the respective magnification ranges (3–15x or 5–25x)

AQRAS Advanced Quick Ranging Scale

The AQRAS Scale is a universal tool used for determining distances. It works differently than those scales limited to fixed and known target sizes. Simply apply the scale to a known dimension on the target, read the value and multiply it by the target size.

Target size [cm] x scale value = distance [m]

This simple calculation can be made without having to use any tools and without having to lose sight of the target. The division required with traditional MIL formulas is integrated into the scale. The distance for 1 meter height or width can be read directly from the scale. The AQRAS scale uniquely combines the speed of conventional scales with a flexible use on any target size.

Mrad Scale

The Mrad Scale is symmetrically situated across from the AQRAS scale and has easy to read fine 0.1 mrad marks for highest precision. It is used to accurately determine distances to targets of known size with the help of this MIL formula:

Target size [mm] ÷ scale value [mrad] = distance [m]

While the AQRAS scale values between the marks have to be estimated, the Mrad scale ensures the highest possible reading accuracy and makes it the ideal supplement for especially precise distance measurements. For an effective usability, the scales are located close to the center of the visual field without distracting from the main functions of the reticle.


Technical Data





 Field of view low power 37.5 m / 100 m 12.8 m / 100 m 7.6 m / 100 m
 Field of view high power 4.8 m / 100 m 2.8 m / 100 m 1.6 m / 100 m
 Diopter adjustment -3 / +2.5 dptr. -3 / +2.5 dptr. -3 / +2.5 dptr.
 Eye relief 90 mm 90 mm 90 mm
 Exit pupil low power 10.3 mm 11.5 mm 11 mm
 Exit pupil high power 3 mm 3.5 mm 2.3 mm
 Elevation travel 10 mrad 28 mrad 28 mrad
 Windage travel ±5 mrad ±6 mrad ±6 mrad
 Adjustment per click 0.1 mrad 0.1 mrad 0.1 mrad
 Parallax adjustment 200 m fixed 50 m to ∞ 50 m to ∞
 Length 295 mm 345 mm 415 mm
 Weight 695 g 920 g 970 g
 Main tube diameter 34 mm 34 mm 34 mm
 Position of reticle 1st focal plane* 1st focal plane 1st focal plane
 Available reticles MR10, MR10+, A8-D MR2, MR5, Mildot MR2, MR5, MR4, Mildot
 Reticle illumination Auto off after 6h Auto off after 6h Auto off after 6h
9 levels 11 levels 11 levels
OFF between illumination levels OFF between illumination levels OFF between illumination levels
 Further features Against unintentional adjustment of secured eyepiece Against unintentional adjustment of secured eyepiece Against unintentional adjustment of secured eyepiece
Double turn elevation setting with visible indicator during 2nd turn. Double turn elevation setting with visible indicator during 2nd turn.
 Order numbers 66590 MR10+ 66595 MR2
66596 MR5
66598 MR2
66602 MR4
66599 MR5

*at 1x to 1.5x magnifications, a daylight illuminated reticle will be activated

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