MS715 Thermal Fusion Imaging Binoculars

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Multifunctional ALL-IN-ONE Thermal Binoculars packs thermal imager, digital night vision, laser range finder, GPS and many useful functions all in one device.

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  • Support low-light mode, infrared thermal imaging mode, and dual-light fusion mode to meet the needs of day and night observation and law enforcement.
  • 1000m accurate laser ranging with independent switch laser indicator
  • Build in GPS and compass for target position

Dual Channel, Dual Vision

The MS715 provides a dual-lens system for the ’thermal’ and ’visible light’ channels. Use it comfortable day and night, switching between ’thermal’ and ’digital night vision’ modes to see your targets both ‘highlighted’ and with details.

High sensitive Thermal image sensor

The units have high sensitive 35mK NETD 12µm thermal imaging sensor. This provides MS715 with the wonderful detail recognition even when the thermal contrast of the surroundings is low – during the snow, dust, smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric obscurants.

High sensitive low-light camera

Built-in high-resolution (1920*1080 pixel) low-light camera.

Built-in Laser rangefinder

MS715 is capable of accurately measuring distance to objects up to 1,000 meters away.

Build in GPS and compass

MS715 is capable to locate your target coordinates with build in GPS and compass and laser rangefinder.

Wifi and on-board recording

Built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to connect the MS715 with mobile units which enables you to receive footage in the real-time mode and save the image/video captured by the device. 32Gb of internal memory provides enough space for recording and taking photos of exciting moments.

More features

High-resolution OLED display

Large size high resolution (1440*1080 pixels), high-performance OLED display.

Sleep mode

User can enter sleep mode by simply pressing one button, it helps conserve power when device is not in use, and give a longer operation time. Since the device stays on which also allows it to be switched on quickly if necessary.

Picture-in-Picture function

Picture-in-picture displays a X2 image at the top-center of the overall field of view for precise zooming on an object of interest.

Hot-spot tracking

When enabled, it can assist to track the highest temperature target.