Expandable with attachment lens to 4km range.

Andres Industries latest thermal imaging attachment is the PumIR. With a total weight of less than 300g and a length of just over 10cm, it is certainly much smaller than the TigIR, but in combination with the appropriate attachment lens, the device even has a 30% higher range of 4km.

Especially this long range combination with a weight clearly below 500g is unique in its compactness worldwide. Due to its low profile design, it is well usable with tactical scopes that have a reflex sight, such as the 4×32 ACOG with RMA from Trijicon. Of course, the PumIR series also has all the popular features of thermal imagers developed by Andres Industries.

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PumIR™-6M Series

The PumIR-M was developed for government users such as police and military, where the device can be mounted directly on firearms (STANAG-Rail) using the particularly repeatable ERATEC mounting. With the different Tripod Rails the device can be adapted to different optical axis heights. We also manufacture special versions upon customer request. The M versions of our PumIR series also have an integrated reticle. This means that the device can be used directly as a thermal imaging sight even without a scope. Military users particularly appreciate the advantages of the PUMIR-6M.5, as it allows tactical targeting optics with 4x magnification to be used with a full angle of view. The Tripod Rails are also used for mounting on tripods when the PumIR is used as a stationary device for observation.


This technology is not just a simple edge smoothing. Instead, an AI algorithm vectorizes the sensor image at digital zoom, reinterprets it and outputs it in a higher resolution on the display. Even at 8x digital magnification, individual pixels are barely visible. This results in a sharper, but above all high-resolution image. For this reason, we also recommend using the digital zoom levels when used as an attachment, as they can significantly increase the range.

Technical data:
  • 640×512 pixels
  • 40mK
  • Application: -32° to +50°C / Storage -40° to +80°C
  • Water protection: IP68
  • Impact protection: MIL 810F 516 IV (26 drops from 1.22m)
  • Video output: digital / USB webcam
  • Screen resolution: 873×500 pixels
  • Length: 104mm
  • width: 80mm
  • height: 56mm
  • Weight: about 320g without accessories
  • Housing: aluminum (hard anodized and scratch resistant ceramic coated).
  • Color: green

Technical changes and additions reserved. 

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