Rusan Q-R Adapter M52x0,75


RUSAN quick-release adapter  for mounting the night vision device on a primary optics.

The Rusan QR adapter is the perfect choice for mounting clip on devices such as the Infiray Clip-C or any other device with an M52x.075 thread. Quick and easy to use quick-release adapter for mounting the night vision device on a primary optic with thread M52x0,75.
The outer diameter of the primary optics is relevant for the correct choice of the clamping adapter.

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Rusan Q-R adapter for devices with thread M52x0.75 – Ø [mm]

The Rusan ARM52 Q-R Universal adapter is very popular for its high quality and that it is available in so many sizes, almost regardless of which rifle scope you have and want to mount a Clip-On Thermal scope on it, there is the size that fits exactly on front of your scope. The advantage is that you do not have problems with the dimensions between the sight and the barrel because the adapter is built minimally.

These adapters are precision machined to the exact size of the day scopes objective outside diameter rather than use an over size adapter with reducing rings. This means that only 2mm of clearance is needed between the rifle scope objective lens and rifle barrel.

Suitable for devices:

  • InfiRay Clip C series
  • InfiRay Clip M series
  • InfiRay Clip T series

… and many others with thread M52x0.75


Rusan clamping adapter is marked by it’s exact diameter, which is equal to outside diameter of the riflescope’s objective tube. Not to the lens diameter.


Paino 150 g (gramma)
Mitat 24 × 17 × 10 cm (senttimetri)