Spartan Davros Pro Head Gen 2


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The Davros Pro is a must for hunters that spend prolonged periods searching for targets in the most challenging of environments. Made from aerospace-grade aluminium, it retro fits to tripods and shooting sticks and will handle the heaviest of spotting scopes and other optics. And once a target has been located, swapping to a rifle fitted with the patented Spartan Magnetic Attachment System takes seconds and provides a steady-as-a-rock shooting platform. With a wide range of elevation, depression and cant adjustment, and the addition of a new portrait mode for photo and video work, the dedicated panning base provides effortless glassing over vast areas. Twist-style knurled control knobs ensure smooth operation, and a variable friction control allows fine-tuning of the lightweight ball head.


Paino 200 g (gramma)
Mitat 32 × 24 × 10 cm (senttimetri)