TILO Rusan-Adapter


The TILO™ Rusan adapter from Andres Industries allows you to connect the Rusan adapter to the TILO™. With the Rusan adapter you are able to connect night vision optics e.g. with spotting scopes.

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The special feature of the solution with the TILO™ is the bayonet connection, which can still be used in combination with the Rusan system. The TILO™ can be removed or attached within seconds. There is no need for time-consuming unscrewing and it is always in the same position.

With this practical solution, it is now possible to mount all TILO™ models in front of almost all cylindrical pipes. However, the following should be noted:

  • This is a mechanical mounting solution, so every user should check in advance whether camera, or spotting scope optics are also optically compatible with the TILO™.
  • Since the TILO™ was designed as a single magnification goggle, it provides the best results with optics that also have the lowest possible magnification.